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Information Technology

In the Data Analytics program, you will leverage AWS Cloud services to transform raw data into actionable insights for clients. Program participants take three short courses to earn accreditations and prepare for the Certified Cloud Practioner certification exam.

Certified cloud practitioners will have the opportunity to put learning into practice during a 10-week internship with trusted AWS partner, Belle Fleur Technologies. Interns have the opportunity to take on multiple roles on an Agile team working together to produce delieverables for clients. By the end of the experience, interns will have experience in:

  • Requirements gathering and project planning for a variety of use cases

  • Extracting, transforming, and loading data (ETL) into a BI visualization tool (QuickSight)

  • Data modeling best practices

  • Designing and building interactive dashboards to display data insights

  • Querying data using SQL and Python (coding langauges)

  • Writing and executing APIs to transfer data from one source to another

  • Creating automated data pipelines to clean and refresh dashboard data

  • Creating databases in AWS Glue

  • Creating and assigning roles and permissions to secure, govern, and process data in AWS IAM

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