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Arts Education

Performing arts have well-documented positive impacts on a child's academic and social development. In addition to correlating with higher math, reading, and writing scores, arts programs promote higher order thinking skills such as analyzing and problem-solving and build prosocial qualities like empathy, persistence, and civic-mindedness.

Most notably, the National Endowment for the Arts studied low SES students involved in the arts and found them more likely to have better long-term academic, occupational and social outcomes, including an increased liklihood to apply for college and earn a bacholor's degree in comparison to peers.

At CGI, we recognize the importance of all students having access to affordable, high quality, arts education in a variety of disciplines, including:

  • Visual Arts

  • Theater Arts

  • Music Composition

  • Music Recording

  • Music Performance

  • Virtual Vocal and Instrumental Instruction

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